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iacomo Costantino Beltrami, 19th-century Italian jurist, author and explorer is perhaps best remembered for his peregrinations in the northern Minnesota area in the 1820s and his discovery of the northernmost headwaters of the Mississippi river in 1823. But Beltrami's explorations also took in large swaths of Mexico, Haiti and countless countries in Europe. Nor were his discoveries limited to those geographical: he collected myriad botanical and geological samples hitherto uncatalogued, and is responsible for the discovery of one of the only existing texts to provide Latinate translations from the Aztec language, the so-called Evangelarium epistolarium et lectionarium Aztecarum.

Giacomo Costantino Beltrami. Enrico Scuri; Accademia Carrara, Bergamo.

    These journeys and discoveries alone should be enough to guarantee Beltrami's place in cultural memory. But add to them his position at a crucial moment in European history and his prolific and wide-ranging epistolary life -- indeed, one which comprises a veritable who's who list of politicians, authors and thinkers of his day -- and it becomes clear that Beltrami may be deserving of a closer look by future historians.

    As the repository for many of Beltrami's personal documents, correspondence and ephemera, the Civica Biblioteca di Bergamo "Angelo Mai" is an ideal location for researchers to gain a further understanding of this complicated individual and his life's work. This site presents a number of tools to aid in scholarly undertakings related to some aspect of Beltrami, including general bibliographies of secondary resources, a detailed and annotated finding aid of the archival collection in the Fondo Beltrami, and a biographical listing of some of Beltrami's most important dates; additionally, it includes a brief summary of Beltrami's life, the collection, the nature of the extant secondary research and ideas for further research, and links to other institutions with significant Beltrami holdings. To begin, please select from the links in the box at right; use the links at the bottom of each page to continue to view the materials in a frames-free environment.

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